Weed Control NE Calgary

Weed Control NE Calgary

Are you looking for weed control, NE Calgary? Then we have the answer for you. Whether it is for residential or commercial properties, we can meet all your weed control needs. As the best landscaping company for weed control, NE Calgary, we produce safe and effective treatments for lawns across the region. We have a wide range of options to meet all your landscaping requirements. Whether deep core aeration or overseeding, we have a solution that will improve your lawn’s health from a dull brown to a deep and emerald green. Not to mention, we also have plenty of grass seed varieties from which to choose if reseeding is something you are considering. Just ask our customer service representatives, and they will be happy to answer all your questions and arrange an appointment for an estimate.

Not to mention, we have several techniques to keep pesky bugs away. They can clear your lawn bare in as little as a week. So, contact us at Grass Gators at the first sign of infestation. We have non-toxic solutions that will eliminate insects like cinch bugs that can cause significant damage to your turf in a very short time. And then there are a plethora of hard to get rid of weeds. Grass Gators has all you need to keep your lawn and flower beds looking their best. We have the tools to pull out hard to get rid of weeds and the non-toxic solutions that often work better than pulling the weeds out by hand. Contact Grass Gators for weed control, NE Calgary. We are the best in the city.

Weed Killer & Fertilizer Services NE Calgary

Grass Gators is the hands-down best company for weed killer & fertilizer services, NE Calgary. With years of experience, our experts know how to get the best out of your soil. Our non-toxic weed control, NE Calgary, will have you down on your hands and knees, stroking the luscious feel of the fresh green growth. All our lawn care products are non-toxic, so it is safe for your lawn and pets to play on. We always aim for the greenest and most sustainable ways to protect the environment because we would be out of a job without it. The health and vitality of your lawn help improve the land from becoming arid and barren, so by continuing to care for your lawn, you are helping the world a little bit every time.

Getting proper weed control, NE Calgary is a way of giving yourself a gift. You are saving splinters and pokes and your back. With our services at Grass Gators, you can sit back and relax as we take care of your property. Now you can read that novel you have been trying to get around to or work on your hobby. And the best part is that we will show up every other week or two, whatever you think will work best, to maintain your lawn before your neighbours start shaking their heads. We will get your yard in tiptop shape in as little as one visit. See why we at Grass Gators are the best in weed control, NE Calgary.

Lawn Aeration, Overseeding & more NE Calgary

We can tell if a well-manicured property has had lawn aeration, overseeding, and more, NE Calgary. There are the ones with a green lawn in the middle of a drought. And no, they are not sneaking in an extra watering session at night. Instead, they called Grass Gators for a deep core aeration and overseeding system that produces results you can see immediately. We use a mechanism that removes a nickel-sized portion of your lawn every two to three inches. This allows more nutrients, oxygen, and seeding to reach the base of the roots. By doing this, it allows for thicker and deeper root growth that protects your property in the aridest conditions.

Through lawn aeration, overseeding is most beneficial. It lets the seeds settle deep into your lawn. Soon the growth will show, and you will notice much thicker grass in as little as a week. You may wonder why we leave the little cores we poke on the lawn. We do it because it is decomposable and will provide your property with extra nutrients to promote the growth of new seeding. They will disappear quickly as the ground absorbs them and puts the energy into growing fresh new grass. And when the grass grows in, you’ll want to roll on the lawn just to feel the softness.

We can do a lot for your property’s health and happiness. From simple lawn cutting to fertilizer, pest control, and weed control, NE Calgary, Grass Gators will keep your lawn green and looking its best. We offer monthly programs or even seasonal services so that your lawn looks its best year-round. Contact us at Grass Gators today!