Non-Toxic Lawn Fertilizer and Weed Control

Non-Toxic Lawn Fertilizer and Weed Control

Non-Toxic Lawn Fertilizer and Weed Control

Is the grass really greener on the other side? If you find yourself comparing your lawn to your neighbours and are noticing that your property looks in rough shape to theirs, it is time to give Grass Gators a call. We consistently deliver professional lawn treatments that result in a beautiful lush lawn that will enhance your home’s curb appeal. We are more than just non-toxic lawn fertilizer and weed control experts. Our passion is caring for people and their homes by providing courteous, timely, and proven solutions to creating lusciously green and healthy lawns safe for your children and pets to play on. You can count on our knowledge and experience to achieve green, thick grass with products that are also safe for the environment.

At Grass Gators, our goal is to save our customers the time of taking care of a lawn so that they can enjoy more of their life, while at the same time getting a yard your neighbours will go green with envy over. Our lawn care services include professional mowing, trimming, and then blowing the cut grass off hard surfaces like your sidewalks and driveways. Our team of lawn care experts follows a specific lawn care process, so you’ll always know what to expect when we show up at your home with tools in hand. When we leave, you will have a well-cared-for lawn that will soon be the talk of the neighbourhood.

What Grass Gators Has To Offer

We at Grass Gators provide complete professional lawn care from preparation like aeration to maintenance, fertilization, overseeding, and pest control. The health of the environment is essential to us all at Grass Gators. That’s why we continually look for natural ways to provide opulent green lawns. One of our specialties is using non-toxic fertilizer and non-toxic weed control. Our liquid fertilizer does not contain synthetic compounds and will provide your property with the nutrients it needs to promote natural turf growth.

Other services include deep core aeration combined with our non-toxic lawn fertilizer and weed control solution. Deep core aeration is a must-have service if you are serious about making your lawn look its best. Deep core aeration enhances your grass’s ability to uptake water and nutrients. It also promotes deeper root growth, so droughts will not affect your lawn as they would without proper aeration. And if used in conjunction, our non-toxic lawn fertilizer and seed application will yield superior results. While the holes in the ground are opened up, you’ll get the maximum seed to soil contact crucial for optimal grass growth.

Non-Toxic Weed Control

And then, we have our non-toxic weed control. All those with a green thumb know the thrill of pulling out weeds from your flower beds. But your lawn is another matter. Weeding by hand isn’t always practical, and when you hire a company, they usually base the price on person-hours spent hand weeding. However, not all companies will offer hand weeding services. Instead, they provide toxic solutions that can be dangerous for pets and small children.

That’s why we use organic, non-toxic weed control products at Grass Gators. Together, with hand weeding and our tailored lawn treatment, you will have a weed-free lawn in no time at all. This will free up your spare time so you can attend to other landscaping tasks. Weed control isn’t simply a matter of hand-picking unwanted invaders. It is an ongoing process requiring various tools, tactics, and techniques.

The Weed Control Process

No single weed control product or method will work for every weed problem. We know when to look out for certain weeds at particular times of the year. We also understand what tools will be needed and what sprays to employ. No one understands weed control better than us at Grass Gators. We will be able to eliminate undesirable plant species from your landscape so that you get the lawn of your dreams.

Keeping your landscape free from weeds is a job that demands regular checkups, physical effort, and first-hand knowledge of best practices. That’s where Grass Gators can help. We consider the climate, region, and season, to more effectively target unwanted species and prevent them from returning. Leave your lawn in the care of our agronomic experts, who will first evaluate the condition of your lawn. They will also be able to identify pests, diseases, or other landscaping issues, then create a customized plan of action to achieve a healthy and sustainable lawn.

That’s why you should choose an environmentally sustainable company that has its eyes on the future. At Grass Gators, we’re a cut above the rest. Contact us to see why!