Premium Lawn Package

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Season-Long Fertilizer, Liquid Weed Control,  Super Juice, Liquid Aeration, Over Seed, Soil Booster!

**Lawn Size:  upto 4000 sq feet =  small to regular sized properties.

**Trade your Fall Fertilizer for another weed control in June or July, let us know in the notes.


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5 Visits 

  • Season Long Liquid Fertilizer – 4 applications
  • Fall Fertilizer – 1 application
  • Liquid Weed Control – 4 applications
  • Liquid Aeration – 1 
  • OverSeeding -1
  • Soil Booster – 1
  • Super Juice
  • Lawn Analysis
  • Email Notice Before Each Visit

***Full LAWN Spray – no spot treating.  This will ensure that we get the Weeds you see and the once waiting to sprout.  Keeping you Weed Free! all season long.  This is only for the grass, not used on rocks or in beds.

Liquid Aeration Benefits:

* No Messy soil cores left on the lawn
* Deeper Penetration compared to Core Aeration
* Not limited in getting into backyard with steep grades or landscaping.
* No need to mark sprinklers
* 100% coverage compared to mechanical 50%
* All Natural
* Can be applied any time of the year

**This product is only for the lawn.  Growing Season = May – August

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Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane

Lawn Size

Up to 4,000 sq. ft., Per 5,000 sq. ft.