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There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful lawn and having weeds grow on it. And having to deal with an annoying weed problem can be a headache. At Grass Gators, we offer high standard lawn care and weed control solutions. As experts in lawn care maintenance, we take pride in using non-toxic and safe weed control products. Moreover, our weed control specialists can handle both pesky and even dangerous weeds when it comes to lawn care maintenance.  

You’ve probably seen signs of weeds in your lawn if you have a nice yard. As the weather gets warmer, you can find more weed growth; particularly if you haven’t had professional weed management before. For such a problem, you need weed control experts that can take care of your lawn maintenance efficiently. We at Grass Gators provide effective weed control in Calgary, Cochrane, and Airdrie.  

You might be thinking whether you need lawn care that often. Well, that totally depends on the kind and growth of weed in your lawn. Weed control works best when combined with proper products and a routine program. And this is where we come in. We can help you select the type of weed control treatment that is best for your lawn and the weeds in question. Moreover, our team of experts has the information you need and will find a solution that’s tailored to your yard. 

Non-Toxic Lawn Fertilizer

We only use non-toxic lawn fertilizer for our weed control programs! 

Even the best maintained lawns have a hard time fighting off weeds that have taken over. And when it comes to lawn care, it’s very important to avoid weed killers which are not safe for kids and pets. Dangers such as ingestion and potential skin contact are very real risks when using weed killers that contain toxic chemicals. So, your first step to weed control in Calgary should be talking to an expert like Grass Gators. We only use the best non-toxic and pet-safe liquid weed control and fertilizer for lawn care maintenance. 

Weed control is one of the challenges of having a beautiful lawn. The fact is it doesn’t matter how much you care for your lawn unwanted weed will always be a challenge. We are a full-service lawn care maintenance company offering over seeding and lawn aeration options with our weed control and fertilizer packages. We take care of your Calgary lawn and make sure it stays healthy and looks its best for a longer time. With our non-toxic lawn fertilizer, you can expect long term preventive measures to block growth of weeds and have a lush lawn.  

When you are searching for non-toxic weed control near you, you want professional, reliable, and affordable services. Someone who can efficiently deal with your lawn’s weeds, flowerbeds, and yards. Well, look no further than Grass Gators. We are happy to manage your weed-ridden lawn and prevent it from germinating more. We can get your lawn a clean and well-maintained look while adding to your green curb appeal. 

Best Lawn Care & Weed Control in Calgary

Providing Best Lawn Care & Weed Control in Calgary is our priority! 

There are many different weeds you need to worry about when it comes to your lawn and garden. Luckily, at Grass Gators we offer the best lawn care and weed control services in Calgary. Our systematic approach to lawn care involves thorough, regular fertilization, combined with a balanced system of weed control. Moreover, we offer completely non-toxic pest control products, as well as environmentally responsible fertilizers and weed killers. 

From dandelions to ground ivy to crabgrass, at Grass Gators, we can meet all of your lawn care and maintenance needs. We offer lawn care for both residential and commercial property. We push ourselves to be the best lawn care company in Calgary. Our lawn care programs are designed to fit your needs and budget. And if you have unique lawn care requirements, we can accommodate that too.  

No matter the size of your lawn or demanding weed maintenance, we can handle it all. Our 25 years of experience in this industry has enabled us to offer our clients the best possible service in the market. That is to say, contact us today and enjoy healthy, weed-free grass from Calgary’s most trusted lawn care service provider. 

When you are looking for the best weed control in Calgary, you look for quick response for lawn requirements. We at Grass Gators promise to reply in 24 hours or less. When our team arrives at your location, they will do a detailed inspection of your lawn and give you an upfront quote. Moreover, with us there are no surprise charges, only genuine and affordable rates. You can also rest assured that full-time professionals will be working for your complete lawn care.  

Trust us for your residential and commercial lawn care needs and enjoy a beautiful lawn year-round. 

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