Calgary’s Best Weed-Control and Lawn Fertilizer Packages

Calgary’s Best Weed-Control and Lawn Fertilizer Packages

Weeds can affect the growth of other plants badly. It gets in their way. Therefore, it is ideal to use weed killers. If the weeds are left alone, they utilize the space, soil, food, and water of other plants. Grass Gators offers Calgary’s Best Weed-Control and Lawn Fertilizer Packages. Our packages are customized according to your needs.

Our industry-leading product technology and services are at your disposal. The products we use encourage healthier, greener, and thicker grass. We also offer different nourishment programs. Each one of them is seasonally timed to be successful. For turf management, we use an eco-friendly approach. Grass Gators can confidently say that we offer Calgary’s Best Weed-Control and Lawn Fertilizer Packages. In order to keep you posted, our custom evaluation report will provide a detailed analysis of the condition of your turf, as every lawn is different. Moreover, our team won’t come to surprise you. Instead, we offer email notifications before each visit to facilitate you.

If your lawn has few weeds, we suggest you use our Booster Weed n’ Feed package. It includes two visits and six treatments in total. Our nutrient-rich fertilizer and fine weed control formula will give a healthy shot to your lawn. Moreover, it will last up to 8 weeks. To clarify, it is not an all-season treatment.

Our Beautiful Lawn Package comprises season-long fertilizer and weed control. This package includes four total visits in May, June, July, and August. Our professionals can get the weed you see out of the way. Not only that, but we can also kill weeds that are about to sprout.

Next up is Grass Gators’ Lush Lawn Package. In this package, we offer season-long fertilizer and liquid weed control. Along with these, we provide you with core aeration, super juice, and free overseed. Above all, to keep you weed-free and your lawn healthy, our team is ready to go beyond your expectations.

If you are looking for a full lawn, no spot treating, the Premium Lawn Package is for you. It includes five visits over five months, providing you with a season-long fertilizer. Furthermore, it includes core aeration, overseed, soil booster, and liquid weed control. This package comes with the most benefits. More importantly, our soil booster is an excellent source of over 70 minerals and nutrients. It is 100% natural and, therefore, odor free. Your children or pets will not have to limit themselves as it is safe for them too.

To avail of our top-notch offers, you can get an instant quote on our website. For the quote, all you must do is provide us with your lawn size and location. After that, we will be at your service to provide you with Calgary’s Best Weed-Control and Lawn Fertilizer Packages.