7 Tips for End of Winter and Early Spring Lawn Care

7 Tips for End of Winter and Early Spring Lawn Care

Yes, cold weather can wreak havoc on your lawn. However, early spring lawn care is a great time to give your lawn a refresh after months of cold. Wondering what you should do with your grass before the flower blooms? Well, you can certainly prep your lawn for spring and help it revive and thrive from the long, harsh winter. Check out these 7 tips for end of winter and early spring lawn care: 

Prior Winter Cleanups

Make sure your lawn is completely clean and ready before winter hits. Clean away all the leaves, lawn tools and equipment, outdoor furniture, and decorations. By storing away these extras, you are giving your lawn a cleaner, healthier look next spring. 

End of winter cleaning and early spring lawn care

While the piles of snow may be melting away, there’s still a lot that you can do to ensure that your grass is able to grow this coming spring. Early spring grass growth can be adversely affected by heavy piles of snow that linger into April and May. And it is better to add end of winter cleaning to your checklist.  

Spruce Up the Grass

As soon as you let your lawn start to dry out, it’s time to spruce up the grass ahead of the growing season. Use a leaf rake to clear away dead leaves from the layer. You also want to break up matted areas so as to allow air flow through the blade. 

Lawn Aeration and Over-seeding for early spring lawn care

Lawn aeration and overseeding are vital for healthy springtime lawns. These procedures will allow your lawn to breathe during spring and summer, allowing it to regain its strength after going dormant all winter. 

Do not Skip Lawn Fertilizing

The freezing weather is finally over, and your lawn is chomping at the bit to recuperate from last winter. Here, lawn fertilizing can help kick start the regrowth in greener, lusher grass. It is wise to fertilize your lawn right after snow melts and the temperatures start to rise.  

“Mow” without exception for early spring lawn care

Grass grows quickly. And it’s a good idea to have a spring lawn care schedule mapped out before the weather really starts to heat up. You should mow your lawn every week for quicker regrowth and an overall healthier lawn. 

Getting Ready for the spring season

Taking diligent care of your lawn in the early springtime gives you a healthy, lush, and green yard all throughout the entire spring season. Also, make sure that your lawnmower and other important tools and equipment are working and ready for use. 

That is to say, making your lawn look perfect again isn’t that difficult if you know what to do. Just follow these 7 tips by Grass Gators for end of winter and early spring lawn care.