4 Different Ways to Deal With the Weeds in Your Garden

Even for people blessed with a green thumb, getting rid of weeds can be an arduous task. You feel enthusiastic whenever you tend to your flowers and exotic plants, but when it comes to those tiny pesky unwanted greens, frustration trumps all. You reluctantly grab your gloves, knowing that you’d have a tedious, repetitive task ahead.

Weeds can be tricky, which is why it is always better to be prepared and armed to the teeth when it comes to dealing with them. Whenever you see a couple of weeds in your garden, always remember that there are a couple of ways that you can deal with them.

The following are just some of the most common recommendations:

1) Deprive the Weeds of Water

You have to avoid watering the weeds whenever you water your plants and flowers in the garden. As with any other plant, they need water to grow. If you avoid watering them, especially during the summer, they automatically dry up and fade in the glaring heat of the sun.

2) Dig Only Whenever You Need To

You don’t really need to dig in your garden all the time. You also only need to work with a small shovel whenever a new flower needs to be planted or when you need to remove something for transferring. Other than these instances, you do not need to dig and give weed seeds the chance to accumulate on the surface.

Weeds are constantly present in your garden, lurking underneath the dirt. Consistent digging may bring them up to the surface, giving them the chance to be exposed to water and sunlight, thus, helping them grow along with your other plants and flowers over time.

3) Pull the Weeds Whenever the Soil Is Wet

Wet soil is usually softer, making flowers and weeds easier to pull out. This is because the water disseminates the soil underground, so the roots aren’t attached to them until they dry up again. If you find avoiding watering your garden weeds too tricky, simply pull them out after. You may need to have your gloves and mini shovels nearby to make things easier for you.

4) Strategically Place Your Plants Close to One Another

Do not leave any space where weeds can grow. Apart from empowering the plants to absorb all the extra water in between the tight spaces, they can also block off the sunlight between the gaps, further lowering the chance for weeds to grow. In doing so, you also allow your garden to flourish in lovely floral arrangements and exotic plants, adding to the charm your home needs.


Getting rid of weeds in your garden doesn’t have to be as challenging. As long as you know the proper ways to deal with them, the task will never become too repetitive nor time-consuming. Take note of the valuable tips above and prepare all the necessary tools in dealing with them. Pull them out with their roots, mitigate their growth, and avoid watering them at all costs—let your plants and flowers take the spotlight instead.

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