Weed Control NW Calgary

Weed Control NW Calgary

For most property owners, a lawn is a great way to increase the value of your property, aesthetically and in monetary value. A lush green lawn is also a cheerful sight for most. At Grass Gators, we understand your longing to have a flawlessly manicured lawn without the hassle of constant maintenance. That’s why we have the best professional teams that understand the many nuances of the industry and work doggedly for the best results for weed control, NW Calgary.

If you are a new customer, then worry not! Our experts at Grass Gators have been following a winning process that always reaps positive results. The process is arduous, and more so if the soil in your lawn is nutrient deficient. Whatever the case, we have the ideal solution for your problem. With time and patience, you can have a thriving green lawn that makes a statement and adds charm and value to the property.

Weed Killer & Fertilizer Services NW Calgary

At Grass Gators, we provide basic and extensive packages for a flush lawn. If unsure of our weed killer & fertilizer services, NW Calgary, you can opt for a beginner’s deal or choose the best plan for your yard.

Lawn Booster package:  This is a trial package with essential features such as lawn analysis, weed control, and fertilizer application.

Beautiful Lawn package: This deal is valid for the season (every four to six weeks) and includes lawn analysis, weed control, Super Juice, fertilizer application, and sea kelp treatment.

Lush Lawn package: This package is similar but has many other options for serious property owners about impeccable maintenance. Hence, Grass Gators will also provide free aeration and over-seeding besides lawn analysis, unlimited weed control, Super Juice, fertilizer application, and sea kelp treatment. The combined effort is enough to ensure a thriving lawn for most of the year.

Premium Lawn package: This is an all-inclusive package for optimal lawn maintenance. So this has an additional feature of a Soil Booster. It also includes a lawn analysis, unlimited weed control, Super Juice, fertilizer application, sea kelp treatment, free aeration, and over-seeding.

Lawn Aeration, Overseeding & More NW Calgary

Our teams at Grass Gators have been diligently working their lawn magic for over twenty-five years. We provide lawn aeration, overseeding & more, NW Calgary, at the most competitive prices for residential and commercial properties.

Grass Gators is a reliable name in the industry and are highly recommended by our customers. If you don’t see any improvements within two weeks after the second treatment, reach out to us immediately. We guarantee a lush lawn and will provide a complimentary assessment of the situation and conduct another treatment for the desired results.

We take our responsibility seriously and do the best job when it comes to weed control, NW Calgary. Don’t wait! Get in touch today and book your package!