Calgary Fall Lawn Care

Calgary Fall Lawn Care

Fall is an important time to tend to your lawn. Several businesses, like us at Grass Gators, offer Calgary fall lawn care; however, our expert professionals have managed commercial and residential properties for over two and a half decades. With nuanced industry knowledge, you can rest assured that we at Grass Gators are the right business for impeccable Calgary fall lawn care.

Here are some tips for Calgary fall lawn care by Grass Gators.

  • Rake leaves to avoid rotting grass.
  • Regularly water as grass grows until hard frost sets in.
  • Water sparsely for even growth.
  • Aerate the soil to prevent thatch.
  • Fertilize the soil, as it often gets nitrogen deficient during this time.
  • Fall is the best time for overseeding the yard to avoid patches of bare soil

At Grass Gators, we provide the best, hassle-free Calgary fall lawn care and are highly recommended. Get in touch with our experts today!

Fall Aeration

At Grass Gators, we advise our clients to aerate the soil during springtime and fall. Fall aeration is an essential step for a healthy springtime lawn. This prevents thatch from forming, cutting off the grassroots air and nutrients. Root regeneration is vital for a green lawn later. Without proper aeration with Grass Gators, you may face issues such as excessive moisture or arid soil; compaction, which blocks the necessary supplies from the grassroots for optimum growth; diseases, as the grassroots start dying under the thatch; and bug infestations.

The fall aeration service by Grass Gators is the answer to all of the above problems. We nurture and tend to your yard like our own and have successfully managed many commercial and residential projects. The thrill and exhilaration we feel at beautifully maintained lawns are inexplicable. We at Grass Gators relentlessly work so that your property looks superb all year round. Call us today!

Fall Fertilizer Application

Many property owners believe that the meager tending without any fertilizer is enough for a dense growth in the spring. This cannot be further from the truth! We cannot stress optimum lawn care enough at Grass Gators, like soil aeration and fall fertilizer application. So what do such practices mean for your lawn?

  • Brighter green during the winter
  • Lush springtime growth
  • Total root regeneration
  • Balanced soil levels for a healthy lawn

At Grass Gators, we provide quick solutions for your ideal garden or lawn. Keeping quality and affordability in mind, we provide the most comprehensive packages at competitive rates; this allows Grass Gators’ customers to maintain their yards without breaking the bank. Depending on the condition and the soil, our experts will provide suitable fertilizers and nutrition so that your lawn looks superb, no matter the season. So, don’t hesitate! Reach out to Grass Gators for an excellently maintained property!