Frequently Asked Questions

What are Season Long Packages?

All our Season Long packages include weed control and fertilizer services applied every 4 to 6 weeks throughout the growing season. Starting in the Spring and ending in the Fall this will result in at least 4 applications to your lawn. If you sign up in the Summer this may result in fewer applications.

What is our Guarantee?

Our Season Long packages are all guaranteed to give results along with your regular lawn maintenance and watering. If our services are not providing results by mid Summer or 2 weeks after 2nd treatment, please contact us immediately and we will return at no charge.

How long are the season services?

Our season long services start in the Spring depending on when the local weather decides to cooperate. We will continue to treat your lawn every 4 to 6 weeks through the Summer and into the Fall up until the growing season ends or the weather no longer allows it.

Are the products kid and pet safe?

All our products are Health Canada approved a do not pose a health risk to your children and pets, including your pet Gator!

How long till I can use my lawn after?

We recommend waiting a couple hours after our visit to give the products time to fully dry and maximize their effect.

What should I do before we visit?

Remove any leaves, debris, toys, tools and furniture from the lawn. Have your lawn mowed 1-4 days before treatment day. In the Spring make sure you have had the winter grass picked up and bagged. It is best to have a power-rake done every spring for the first treatment to work. Please pick up your dog poop, If the crew tracks your dog poop into the trucks you will be charged a cleaning fee.

How long does each application take?

Our team of trained professionals and our specialized equipment allows us to treat your lawn in just a few minutes with the perfect amount of product every time. If your lawn is larger it may take a little longer, but we will do our best to make each visit as efficient and hassle free as possible.

My weeds are not dying.

If some of those pesky weeds are still showing signs of life in your lawn 2 weeks after second treatment , and you have been following our watering instructions give us a call and we’ll come back for an an service call free of charge. A booster application may not get rid of all your weeds in one application. This is why it is so important to get an all season package where we can keep those pesky weeds at bay.

When can I mow my lawn?

After the products have had a few hours to dry and you've watered your lawn at least once, you may proceed with mowing your lawn as usual. It is best to water your lawn in the evening or the next morning after our visit, you can then mow your lawn once the grass has dried.

Watering.   When and How much?

3x per week, early in the morning No watering in the afternoon or the sun will soak up all your water and leave your lawn dry and thirsty. 1 inch takes much longer than you think, 15 mins. Remember Weeds Hate Water! 4x a week during hot periods. JULY/AUGUST To maintain a lush lawn and to keep those weeds away, during the hot periods of the summer water an extra day or more. Days with +25 degree everyone at Grass Gators will run the sprinklers once in the early morning and once at night. Let the kids or pets run through and watch them have fun! Rain - Calgary is a very dry climate and 75% of our rain evaporates so don't use Mother Nautre to keep your lawn hydradrated. Follow our watering instructions to keep your lawn lush! Empty Tuna Can method - use and empty tuna fish can to measure the amount you have watered. Just place it in the path of your sprinkler. Once its full, move your can and sprinkler to a new location. You will be suprised it will take 20 mins to fill that little can.

How often should I have my lawn Aerated?

Every year, in the Spring is highly recommended to help ensure a thick and healthy lawn. The Spring is best as it will give your lawn some breathing space to grow Lush and Green for you.

Does my irrigation system need to be marked?

Yes! Prior to your core aeration you must mark your irrigation heads with small flags, or something that can identify where the irrigation heads are. The irrigation pipe is buried deep enought so it doesn't need to be marked.

Will Overseeding fill in the large bare and damaged areas?

Overseeding will fill in thin areas in your lawn but this service is not designed to repair bare areas.

Is it a good idea to have Overseeding done at the same time as Aeration?

Yes, this is highly recommended. The open holes allow for seed to fall into and the new seed will quickly fill them in.

Aeration - Limits

We can not carry, lift, drag the machine over large rocks, boulders, up steps, down steps nor can we use ramps or wood or other devices to get the machine into your yard. The machine is over 300lbs. Please make sure there is 34 inches clearance for the machine to get through gates and by decks. The Aerator must be able to fit into the backyard through the front gate. If the only access is throught the Alley an additional $50 will be added to your order or the backyard will not be aeratored. The city does not allow us to walk the Aearator down bike paths/city pathways to get into the backyard. Water your lawn well 2 days before your Aeration so that the tines can poke everywhere into your lawn. If its dry and hard the Aerator will not be able to dig in.

Will the Booster pacakge cover my lawn for the whole season?

No, the Booster is to help you get a jump start on your weeds but it will not keep you weed free for the whole summer like our all season package. It is an economical way to help you manage your weeds.

Why mow my lawn every week?

Grass hates it when you give it a haricut every 7 days, it will start to grow sideways and lushier with weekly trimming. Keep gving that lawn a trim but not too short.

Bare spots and what to do?

Getting a seasonal weed/fertilizer is a great start along with weekly mowing. - Scrape away the dead grass vigorously, rough up the dirt . - put down grass seed, any kind. - put dirt on top. This will keep the birds from eating the seeds and will give the seeds a nice dark place to start to germinate. -water, water, water. Keep the dirt moist! and Hire Grass Gators to keep the lawn fertilized and weed free

How to get rid of Thistle in my lawn?

Thistle are the hardies of the weeds but have no fear we can help you get rid of them. Mow your lawn every 7 days, water 3x a week and get on your weed control program early - May. Weed control and growing the lawn around you will choke tose pesky pointy weeds out. Remeber they hate water and they don't like a weekly haircut.


As we can not treat if is Windy, Raining or temperature 25+. This will cause a delay in your visit but will not warrant a refund due to weather delays. If you change your mind and want to cancel the order please note there will be a $50 admin fee.

Will Chinch Bugs go away on their own?

No, once you have Chinch Bugs, they are there to stay until treated. If left unchecked, the problem will get worse over the summer. They can kill an entrire lawn in 6 weeks. They will hiberate over winter and the problem will be even worse next year when they begin to lay eggs in your lawn and hatch new generations that will quickly kill the lawn.

Why am I getting Chinch Bugs?

Chinch Bugs are a Huge issue in Calgary. They love sunny, dry areas of the lawn and can cause significant damage to your lawn. If you have areas that receive a lot of sun, your property may be susceptible to a Chinch Bug infestation.

Will the Chinch Bugs come back after a treatment?

Just like any other pest, they can return year after year. Chinch bug presence should be monitored throughout the growing season. If they arise again, they may just need a second treatment, just like some of the more stubborn species of weeds.