4 Efficient Ways of Removing Pampas Grass from Your Garden

4 Efficient Ways of Removing Pampas Grass from Your Garden
4 Efficient Ways of Removing Pampas Grass from Your Garden

Pampas grass is a seemingly beautiful plant to have around your garden. Their long stems and feathery plumes are recognizable from a distance, well enough for them to be considered as a centrepiece in your yard. However, do not be deceived by their beauty.

They are quite harmful to your other plants—they clog out their waterways, drying them in the process while pushing them out of the healthy soil as well. It’s only best to take them out of your garden, away from your other precious plants—as soon as possible.

The task will not be simple, as the pampas grass will not go down without a fight. The good news is, there are a couple of techniques to eliminate them completely without harming your other floras in the process. Here are some ways:

1) Using Herbicides

Herbicides are pretty handy to have around. Even if it weeds that you are after, they can also be used for pampas grass. The most effective way of dealing with them is to cut down the long pampas first, where you can then proceed to spray the solution on them. This ensures that you do not waste too many herbicides in the process—shorter grass means lesser amounts of sprays.

2) Pulling Them Out from Their Roots

If the pampas grass hasn’t grown yet, you may use your gloved hands to pull them out from their roots. Keep in mind that you can make this task easier by watering the soil first. Doing this would soften the soil well enough for them to be free from the latches of the roots.

3) Using Vinegar

If you would like to take an organic approach when it comes to dealing with pampas grass, you may opt to use vinegar instead of herbicides. While this may not be as effective as the latter, it will at least enable you to save more money, as vinegar definitely costs less than herbicides.

Of course, them being a much affordable alternative would only mean that they are less effective. You may need to use more vinegar, which is why this method is only applicable if you have small amounts of pampas grass in your yard.

4) Consulting a Weed Expert

If you were able to experience and survive the wrath of weeds in your garden before, chances are, you also have your weed expert’s number on speed dial. There is no other person capable of helping you out with your predicament with pampas grass better than them. They know the basics, the advanced techniques, and what to do at the first sign of your pampas trouble. Do not hesitate to give them a call once things get out of hand and tactics aren't working out anymore.


Pampas grass can literally be a pain to deal with if you aren’t going to destroy them during their early growth stages. Don’t let them spread further and yank them from their roots. If that isn’t enough, use herbicides and vinegar to your advantage.

Remember, however, that you do not have to deal with them alone—a weed expert may be able to help you out as well. Call them up, listen to their tips, and follow through with the elimination of pampas grass in your garden.

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