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Commercial Property Maintenance


Weed Control

& Fertilizing


Commercial Snow Removal

Clear like Clockwork

 GG can be trusted to adhere to its snow removal schedules.   We maintain Log books  so you feel safe that we are taking care of your property.   

Constant Monitoring.

  We watch the weather and proactively respond to snow and ice conditions.  We will visit every 48 hours between snowfall to keep your property ice free. 

Peace of Mind. 

 We understand your needs and concerns when it comes to snow removal.     After all, we live here too.

Offering  landscape care all summer long. With all the necessary commercial equipment we will take care of everything. 

You will have access to Weekly Log Sheets.


Our team of dedicated professionals will streamline your maintenance services and ensure every aspect of your property is held to the highest standards. 


We are committed to best practices and are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and in good standing with the Workers Compensation Board.  

Snow Removal

Summer Services


In Calgary the weather is sometimes unpredictable.  It is important to have a reliable team on your side to respond quikcly.  We use the best equipment and skilled operators to ensure the parking lots and walkways of your  condominium complex or business are clear of ice and snow.

Reliable snow removal service is essential for both condo and commercial spaces. We have the equipment and man power to clear your parking lots, pathways, sidewalks and driveways.

Don't forget you will have access to Weekly Log Sheets

Grass Gators maintains active relationships with many of Calgary's leading property management firms, builders, and landlords. Whether you manage one property, or multiple sites, our team will make your transition to the Gator family a smooth one.

At Grass Gators we pride ourselves on prompt and efficient service, so your snow doesn’t stay long.

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